Linkdom is a social bookmarking website for fans. The site was created for my final project on the Multimedia Design course and it aims to provide fans with a place to save their favourite fandom related bookmarks so that they can access them from any computer, and also to enable fans to get to know other people who interested in the same things as themselves.

Just because you're a fan of a sport team, television show, celebrity, band, movie, etc, doesn't necessarily mean the people you know in 'real life' are fans of the same things, which can be a problem if you wish to talk about the things which interest you. However the Internet provides the ability to get in touch with a wider range of people.

Through the use of keywords fans are able to track down the websites that fellow fans have considered interesting enough to bookmark. The creation of a user profile, with interests and online contact details, enables fans who are interested in similar things to get in touch with each other through leaving comments on the website or using the provided contact details. The ability to send private messages also means that fans are able to have conversations in private.

Linkdom was created using HTML, CSS, PHP and a MySQL database.


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