Fan Art

In my spare time, I've been making fan art since 2003 and my full portfolio of work can be found here. Currently, my fan art is where most of my creative energy and time goes and I create it using Adobe Photoshop CS. I mainly make desktop wallpapers and user icons for forums and blogs.

It was my love of fan art and fan culture which resulted in my dissertation and ultimately in Linkdom.

To view a sample of my fan art just click on one of the images. All of the wallpapers are 1024x768 pixels in size.


Fan Art Fan Art Fan Art


I do not know or own any of the people featured in the art, and I do not own the images used. The images are all copyrighted to their owners and any infringments are unintentional. I don't make any money out of the work displayed - it is created purely for entertainment purposes. If you are the subject of anything featured on this page, or the owner of the images, you have the right to request I remove them.

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